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This page contains information about advertising on this website.

About Advertising on this Website

10KPCSoft is dedicated to users of all age and provide Windows PC software and Operating System of all types with direct download links.

Advertising with 10KPCSoft is an affordable way to promote your product and service while supporting the open sharing of resources at the same time.

Available Advertising Options:

The following advertising options are available.

1. Banner Ads

Ad Format / Display LocationAd ImpressionsPrice Per Month
Leaderboard Above Content (728 x 90 pixels)30K$10
Rectangular Sidebar Top (300 x 250 pixels)30K$10
Skyscraper Sidebar (160 × 600 pixels)30K$15
All prices are in US dollars.

2. Download Button Link

Ad Type / LocationPrice Per Button
Add an “Alternate Download” button permanently just below the Download button that will link to your provided URL.$50
All prices are in US dollars.

Note: All paid links will automatically be given a rel=”nofollow” attribute, according to standard Google search engine guidelines.

How To Order

If you are interested in advertising on, please email us at [email protected] with the details including the duration and format of the advertisement.

How To Pay

Your ad will be tested and configured. You can pay after your ad is finalized, and it goes live.

Payment Method

Payments can be made by Debit Card, Credit Card or by PayPal. You can pay us by clicking on the below button, once your ad goes live.